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Top 10 London - About us

Who we are

Hi, welcome to Top 10 London and thank you for stopping by! We are an independent group of professionals, freelancers and bloggers who live and love in London. We are a small but passionate team, who loves exploring the city, discovering new places, trying new food and most importantly blog about it. Some of us were born in London and others have moved here many years ago, which gives us an unique insight into being a true local as well as a tourist. Our own passion to venture out and look for new and interesting places has often led us to search the internet for ideas and recommendations, often having to filter through multiple websites before finding anything useful. Naturally we thought we could do better and eventually came up with the concept of Top 10 London.

What makes us different

The idea behind Top 10 London is fairly simple: We search, curate, test and report about the top 10 best things of everything you can eat, drink, see and do in London.

Our own experience has taught us that a list of 10 recommendations is plenty of choice to pick a great place and yet little enough to not overwhelm anyone with too many options. We believe that the difference lies in the detail. Whether it is a perfectly matched review of the right length, sample prices from the menu or our mobile friendly and super fast loading website, everything on Top 10 London has been optimised in helping you to explore the city and find the right place in as little time as possible.

However, above everything else we really enjoy what we are doing. We are an independent group of people constantly improving our website, coming up with new ideas and we are genuinely interested in hearing your feedback. If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to tell us something then please feel free to use the contact form and reach out to us.

Thank you!